‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’

We will help you dream bigger than you ever thought possible.


We can do it all.

Take advantage of our unique perspective on business and ability to think outside the box when it comes to your business.

We have over 20 years experience in sales and marketing.

Engage with an expert who has already made all the mistakes in business to save you from making them.

We will help you achieve your goals faster and with ease.

Accountability Partner

Commitment and drive can be a person’s biggest downfall. We have packages available to keep you motivated and working at peak performance.

building a profitable youtube channel

We can teach you how to build a profitable YouTube channel that not only helps you engage with your customers but builds a very profitable residual income.

Publishing a book | How-to

Ever wanted to publish that book or multiple books you have been thinking about? We can show you how to get published and start selling online with zero money down and without having to seek out a publishing house to get your books published.

creating success & freedom online

Did you know within 4 weeks you could be generating over $1,000 a week with little to zero money down by creating an online business? We can show you how.

being boss

Live your life your way, not how someone else tells you to live it. 


Personal coaching to suite

Building eCommerce Business

Want to build an online business or have an already existing business product or service and want to take it to the next level? We can help you plan, build and maintain a solution for for.

Being Boss

Are you a personal trainer, coach or want to simply own what you do? We can coach you along every step to build your brand and grow your following at a rapids pace.

Accountability Partner

Just like going to the gym, you have a personal coach in business to push you to do what it takes to be successful, keep you motivated, push you to the next level and most of all keep you accountable for your actions.

From One of Our Founders

Make Your Own Opportunities

Never had I ever…

Like most, I spent a good part of my younger years working for people that were, quite frankly, uninspiring, lacked vision and most of all lacked the ability to take action.

Have you ever worked for someone where the common phrase that you would repeatedly hear them say is something along the lines of “Well this is the way it has always been done”, closely followed by “I’ve been in the game a lot longer than you have”. Unfortunately  phrases I have heard far too many times.

Thankfully, I learned very fast how to rise to the top… continue reading


Pricing Models 

Powerful Effective People – PEP are dedicated to helping others achieve financial freedom and living the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. 

We are able to tailor a solution to your needs whatever your goals. 

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